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Market Lambs 115-120 lbs.

Class number:  004        Class Date:  6/15/07

Judge:   Larry Carter



Judging Contest Winners: 

Under 15:


Over 18:


I place the class 2, 1, 3, 4 with cuts of 4, 2, and 4.

First Place:  2

Entry number: 026

Exhibitor:  ilovesuffolks

State:  VA

Sheep name/number: Lightning 465

Breed:  Suffolk/Hampshire



We start this class with the most complete lamb. Granted he's not the longest bodied or heaviest muscled lamb but combines enough length and muscle in a structurally sound package to win this class very easily. We can fault 2 as not being dead level from hip to dock but he combines the overall attractiveness with product I look for in a market lamb class.


Second Place:  1

Entry number: 020

Exhibitor:  showgirl95

State:  OR

Sheep name/number:  Aspen

Breed:  Hampshire X

Website:  www.juniperhamps.bravehost.com



Our next pair of lambs I find to be a close choice. While entirely different in type, I place 1 over 3 even though the presentation (showmanship) does not exhibit all the quality the 3 lamb possesses. 1 is superior in bone and total muscle with nice width of top and plenty of mass in the rear.


Third Place:  3

Entry number: 028



Our 3 ewe stands on very fine bone and lacks width down the top while giving us plenty of length . Depth of chest is excessive for me and, similar to the 1 lamb I placed over 3, I'd change the neck set.


Fourth Place:  4

Entry number: 036



4 is the final lamb in our class. Granted the lamb is not shown to it's potential with legs out of position in both views and so much heavy front in plain view. 4 stands on good bone, has adequate length and width but just not in an attractive show ring package. The heavy front, rolling off from hip to dock, and wastiness in the breast plate to me makes this the last place lamb.


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