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Reach hundreds of show lamb enthusiasts every week!

OnlineSheepShow.com is the place where show lamb enthusiasts go to show and judge sheep without ever leaving the barn. With a new class of market, prospect or breeding sheep posted every week, viewers return again and again. Since the show’s inception in 2007, over 1100 sheep have been exhibited and more than 250 classes have been placed by our well-respected, experienced judges.

Who is using OnlineSheepShow.com?
Show families, 4-H leaders, FFA advisors, county agents, breeders and high school and college judging teams are all visiting OnlineSheepShow.com on a regular basis.

How many people are using OnlineSheepShow.com?
During the last 45 days of 2012 alone, the site has had over 1,200 unique visitors and 21,000 page views. That’s a lot of advertising potential. The site has its own Facebook page and is listed on ClubLambPage.com and ShowPage.com to draw more traffic for our advertisers.

Two affordable advertising options!
For $75/year, you will receive a banner ad on the site’s homepage, sorted by state.
For $100/year your banner will be posted on the homepage, as well as in the rotating banner found on nearly every one of the more than 500 pages on the site.

For more information or to advertise, email onlinesheepshow@gmail.com or call (530) 249-6191.

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