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Photo Suggestions


This is a show.  Sheep should be in show condition.  This includes recently shorn or fitted and clean.

Set the sheep up as you would in the show ring.  All four feet should be on level ground.  For the profile shot, the photographer should squat down so the camera is level with or below the sheep.  The photographer should be even with the rear flank in order to make the lamb look its best.


For the rear shot, the photographer should stand about 10 feet away, directly behind the lamb while it is being braced.


View the  rules page for examples of ideal sheep and showmanship entry in terms of presentation and photo quality.  Notice that the entire sheep and showman if applicable are visible, the sheep is in clean show condition, the background does not distract, and the photo angles allow for accurate evaluation of the entry.


PLEASE closely crop the picture and/or reduce the resolution of the pictures to reduce the file size. This will greatly assist the webmaster in handling the pictures in a timely fashion.  Large file sizes require long times to download from and upload to the internet.



Judging Tips


Click here for illustrations of what a judge is looking for.

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